Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Argyle Boy.....or GIRL!

I was so excited when I saw this pattern because I had been wanting to make the girls matching argyle hats for some time. I did change the ribbing on the bottom from 3X1 to 2X2 because well...I prefer 2X2 but it is adorable none the less! I am still working on the second hat and will post pictures when I get it done but I just had to show it off!

And here is one with Bentley, our newest family member, who just had to model with his big sis!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Little Miss Piggy

Please DO NOT tell my daughter I called her Little Miss Piggy I don't want her having a complex, but a couple of weeks ago I tested an adorable new hat pattern by Tot Toppers and it is sow stinkin cute! It was such a quick knit and Ella Rae Latte is a squishy, soft, blissful yarn. And if any one asks I did not rub the skein all over my face several times during the knitting process, just sayin'!

The pattern can be purchased on Ravelry for just $5 and it is an instant download!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Dishcloths, Dishcloths and MORE Dishcloths...

TWENTY THREE would be the grand total of dishcloths I knit this holiday season and by the end of it I had the pattern memorized and could knit one up in less than 2 hrs. Although towards the end they were getting a tad bit boring there was so much love knit into each one of them. I am so glad I can finally share pictures with the bloggy world now that all of them have been received and opened. I am already thinking about what I can knit up for next Christmas! Since the dishcloths have been completed I have already knit up two new hats which I will be sharing in the next couple of days. Enjoy!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Long Time No Blog....

Wow it has been almost a month since I have last blogged and it definitely isn't because I haven't been crafty. I have been working hard on my Christmas knitting and because a lot of the recipients read my blog I can't post about what I am making. But what I made tonight I can post about because it is for Lynner and Lippy Lou's teachers! When I was reading my friend Mrs. Wright's blog and saw this link I KNEW I had to make these for teacher gifts this year and boy am I glad I did! I changed things up a little on mine but for the most part they are just the same. I did shadow boxes to prevent dust and I used my cricut to cut vinyl letters to prevent fading, hoping that these gifts keep on giving for many, many years.

Frame: $10 at Joann Fabrics with coupon
Crayons: $0.25 at pre school sales
Vinyl: $5.99 at Joann on sale and I have oodles left over

Total cost per frame $10.75!

This one is for my cousin who is also a teacher, I still need to get a frame for it, but it will be for his birthday as he is a January baby and we don't normally exchange gifts. I just felt I couldn't leave my favorite teacher out!

I can't wait to show off the knitted Christmas gifts but those will have to wait til December 26th, when I am sure everyone has opened them up!

And this my friends, WORKS FOR ME!