Tuesday, September 20, 2011

If Heaven wasn't so far away....

Every time I hear the song "If Heaven Wasn't so Far Away" by Justin Moore I can't help but to think how I would change the words to fit my story, so I thought I would share a few with you and ask that you share some with me ;)

....I'd pack up my kids and go for the day, Introduce Joe to his Nana
....I'd find GG June and give her a big hug
....I'd meet my grandpa's and sit with them listening to their stories all day long.
....I'd sit at a table with Jesus and his disciples and listen to them tell stories of my loved ones past and present.
....I'd find Mammy and Papa Dale and smile when he calls me dimples.
....I'd sit and knit with my Grandma Violet and ask that she crochet her dolls for my girls.

So tell me what you would do if you could make a day trip to Heaven.....

Here's the song if you want to hear it ;)

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