Thursday, May 7, 2009

Renewed Hope

Over the years many times I have come to the conclusion that I just didn't have the gene for growing things. Lets face it my thumbs were black, not even remotely close to any shade of green. I have tried many times to grow things, anything, and failed. From plants I have purchased because they were pretty, or to decorate my house with, or plants that were given to me, I have tried to keep them all alive and the poor things had no chance. Once while living with my Aunt Sandy and her family for a while I had a plant growing, ok fighting for it's life, in my room and one day it just disappeared. I noticed it was gone and asked Aunt Sandy if she knew what happened to it and she quickly replied, "You mean the twig? Yes, I saved it's life." And she did just that, my plant, er um twig, was saved from long, hot, dry death by my wonderful Aunt. Once it was revived and thriving I asked if I could have the plant back and Aunt Sand said, "no". Probably a good thing she had that plants best interest at heart. I am sure that somewhere in her house that plant is still thriving and growing well, as for me I have killed many other plants along the way, may they rest in peace.

So for today's renewed hope I give you this...

I, yes I, the one with black thumbs grew them, from SEEDS. With a little help from Target's dollar spot herb/tomato/strawberry kits and tips from Gerry at the office I GREW these, and they are alive and thriving. Paul is building raised beds in the backyard soon to where they will be transplanted and grown. My momma would be so proud. Her thumbs were bright green! Aunt Sandy will be proud too, but I bet she still doesn't give the plant back ;).

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