Monday, May 25, 2009

Wedding Invite Samples

One of my bff's is getting married in August and came to me this week about trying to come up with an easy yet elegant make it yourself invitation. The happy couple is paying for most of the wedding themselves. This means making a lot of the decorations, etc., with the help of crafty friends of course! So this is what I came up with after hearing all of the bride's ideas, and she is in love. Please note that the picture will fill the space but that was the only frame people I could find in my house Gotta love frame people!

The pink dots on the ribbon are going to match the pink paper but I had to order it since my local craft store's didn't work and it was much cheaper to order. And of course their will be a wonderful pic of the bride and groom under the vellum that I hope to capture next weekend when I head down to their place. But other than that I think it looks nice. The "verb age" will be over the picture printed in an espresso brown.

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