Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We Too Are THAT Family

Having four little munchkins running around my house I often wonder if I have completely lost my mind, and most of the times the answer is why yes, yes I have. Between my husband almost losing a finger while cutting butter (he's talented like that) and my daughter going in for a well child check only to find out she has a golf ball sized lymph-node that turned out to be a result of mono at age four (makes you wonder who she was kissing) we are constantly on our toes.

I have been cleaning the house this week to get ready for the hubs to come home from a 6 week mini deployment and wouldn't you know, the day after I get the sheets clean, the hampers empty and the bathrooms scrubbed Lippy Lou decides to get the flu. So last night I had fire up the washer and dryer to get her sheets clean again and then scrub the toilets once again.

Oh and to top it off, I had payroll ready to run yesterday and let the office clerk talk me into waiting just one more day, only to be kept up til midnight holding Lippy Lou's hair out of her face while she prayed to the porcelain god's. So today I go to do payroll groggy and foggy all while listening to Lippy Lou wretch some more, it was ultra fabulous!

I could probably blog a story a day about how we are THAT family...which reminds me of the time I came home from work early in the hubs and I's relationship only to find him in the shower yelling for ice. What on EARTH would he need ice in the shower for. Turns out he was cutting habanero peppers to put in his lunch and had to use the rest room. Silly guy didn't wash his hands first and of course wasn't wearing gloves, turns out habanero oils on your hands don't go well with using your hands to hit the target in the bathroom if you catch my drift. I am quite certain it was at least a year before he used habaneros in anything. If he EVER reads this blog I am so DEAD!

So what makes you THAT family??? Head over to visit Kristen, share your story and link your blog to Mr. Linky on We are THAT family's blog for you chance to win one of 10 great prizes. Make sure you wish her a Happy 2nd Blogaversary!!!


Christy said...

Tee Hee!! too funny, especially your husband and the peppers! thanks for making my laugh!

Gina @ MoneywiseMoms said...

Ha ha! Thanks for the laugh this morning.

We are THAT Family said...

Yep, girl, you've got THAT family going on!

Jen said...

My husband always reminds me--you know, my family reads your blog. Or he says, "You're really going to admit you do that?" If I told that story about him. . . I'm laughing right now at the possibility. Great post.