Saturday, May 5, 2012

Finished Objects Friday

Ok so it's Saturday and I am posting about Friday's Finished Objects. Guess that's what happens when life gets busy and time gets away from you. So without further ado, I am going to post a few of my latest FO's! At least the ones I am allowed to share, some are still top secret!

Little Cutie!

This adorable little friend was made for a sweet little girl who's sister is in Lynner's dance class.  Every time she sees me knitting she comes up and asks, "What are you sewing today?"!  I love her curiosity for crafty stuff and I decided one day to have her come out to my car and pick out some yarn.  I happened to have my bin of Dancing Dog Dyeworks in the truck because I had met up with a fellow knitter who wanted to see my stash.  She picked out Monster in the Lily Pads and I knit up this adorable cross between Maddox The Mischievous Monster and Olivia The Audacious Monster and completed her with a tutu for the cute little dancer! 

Patterns can be found on Ravelry by clicking the names above!  Tutu is made with tulle tied around ribbon and the ribbon is tied in the back of the monster.

Ravelry Project Page: Bella's Monster

They're Multiplying

These little guys came about because I always like to have something hand knit in the Easter basket.  I needed something quick and easy and this was the ticket!  They are made with Dancing Dog Dyeworks Worsted Peeps Kit.  I knit them up while training for the Breast Cancer 3 Day on the treadmill.  Each 2 hour, 7 mile walk yielded 4 bunnies!  They are stuffed with Cadbury Easter Eggs.  

Ravelry Project Page: They're Multiplying

Elsie's Dress

I first saw this dress pinned on Pinterest and knew I just had to make one!  But the problem was I don't have any babies to make a dress for.  So when I repined the dress I put a note that said " I need one of my friends to have a baby girl!" to which one of my friends replied "me me me, I have a baby girl :o)".  And so it began I told her I would LOVE to knit her little one a dress and we began picking colors and sizes and I began knitting.  Because I knew my friend had a love for handmade and has been taught to love and care for them I knew she would give the dress a great home.  Moral of this story is, comment on pins, you might end up with something fun!  

Ravelry Project Page: Elsie's Cassia

That's it for this weeks version of FO Friday, stay tuned for next week when I hope to bring you more FO's.  Please keep in mind these won't always be from the current week.  Seems like lately I am knitting a lot of stuff that has to be kept a secret so I will be showing off stuff I have knit over the past few months that I haven't blogged about before!  

Happy Knitting!

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