Tuesday, March 2, 2010

40 in 40 Update

Well so far so good with the decraptifying and getting rid of 40 bags of "stuff" in 40 days. I am feeling great about the purge and getting this house in order before we are packed up and moved to a location that aren't sure of just yet. **Please be Hawaii, Please be Hawaii**

Day #6

Today I cleaned out all of the "someday" magazines and took them to Lippy Lou's teacher as she said she could alway use them for projects in class this year and beyond. I am starting to realize if I keep saving things for someday then someday I am going to end up on a show called Horders.... so here's to NOT being on that show!!

Day #7

On day seven I cleaned out my bathroom cabinet and got rid of more someday crap. It was great to throw out all those things I thought I might use someday that have been traveling from house to house with us for way too many years!!

Day #8

I moved on to the kids bathroom for day eight and got another huge bag of stuff to throw out and it felt equally as good as day seven!

Day #9

Today I dove into my desk in my craft room and threw out all of the stuff that had been sitting under there for years and years and years because I just didn't think it was quite time to part with it. But in all reality it was just bringing me down. So I once again purged and freed myself!

Day #10

Today I started cleaning out my dresser and ridding myself of drawers that I could barely shut and for no other reason than the fact that I didn't want to clean it out. So I got a huge bag the first day and was even able to start on a second.

Day #11

I continued to work on my dresser and even moved into my closet on day 11 and was able to purge even more crap. I plan on purging 30-40 lbs in the next year and will reward myself with new clothes when I do!

Day #12

On day 12 I continued work in my room and was able to finally unpack the last of the boxes from the Big Move of 2009, yes one year ago this week we moved into this house and I JUST NOW unpacked the last of my boxes that were hiding in my closet. I got one box/bag of donation items from this purge and one bag of trash. YAY for unpacking in a year *rolls eyes*

And Today Day, Day #13

Today I cleaned out the entertainment system in the family room and was able to purge 3 bags of movies/books. I drove them over to the donation center today before picking up the girls from school and it felt GREAT!

Grand Total : 18 BAGS!
Almost 1/2 way there and feeling great!

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