Thursday, March 18, 2010

Spud and Chloe Yarn Raffle for a Cure

From now until April 16th I will be hosting a raffle for Spud and Chloe yarns in order to raise funds for my Breast Cancer 3 Day walk. The winners, yes I said winners, of the raffle will win 5 skeins each of the wonderfully smooshy Spud and Chloe yarn. The person who makes the largest donation will receive 5 skeins of outer and then one other random donor will receive 5 skeins of sweater. If on the off chance that 2 or more people tie for the largest donation there will be a drawing between those folks as well. The minimum donation to qualify for the raffle is $15. For every $15 you donate you get one chance to win. I will be keeping a running spreadsheet of donations and will select a winner via random number generator on April 17th. Each prize is worth $55+

UPDATE: 14 Entries at last count with top donor of $100. (4/14/10)

Donations can be made by going to my Breast Cancer 3 Day website.

Please remember that all donation are tax deductible and are going to a great cause. If you have any questions please feel free to let me know and pass the word on to all your knitty friends.


Andrea said...

A great raffle for a great cause. I hope to donate after I get paid!

YarnOnTheHouse said...

What a wonderful idea! Thank you for doing this. I will let my blog followers know about your raffle later this week when I do my weekly post. -Ve

The Green Wife (Abbie) said...

I donated and my fingers are crossed!