Wednesday, March 10, 2010

40 in 40 update

It's me again and I am here to update my progress in the 40 bags in 40 days Challenge.

Day #14

Today I cleaned out the entertainment center where we keep the Wii games and decided that we didn't need the huge plastic containers game are kept in and moved all the games to a CD case, I did this for our CD's/DVD's years ago but figured the games could be kept the same way. I did not however touch Paul's PS games because that is his deal and I don't go messing with that!

Day #15

Today Ky Guy and I went through his closet and a bookshelf and got a bag of stuff to go to goodwill as well as a bag of books to be donated. He had an old sleeping bag that probably goes up to his waist, shoes that he has long outgrown (he now fits in the hubs' shoes), some pants and coats too. Donating books is always hard for me and I don't know why, I guess I see all the memories in them and I just hate to give them away, but in my quest to purge I am trying to think of all the memories they will bring others! In the past I would have just given the books to a younger sibling but their shelves need to be gone through as well so we just donated them this time.

Day #16

Today I helped the girls go through their closet and let me tell you that is not an easy task. Their book shelve are in there and the rule in this house is one book at a time, and so far it is NEVER followed...I need to get on the ball and make shelf markers so that they can put them in when they take out a book so they know where to put it back when they are done, because I am also anal about how bookshelves are kept, I just wish some of my analness would rub off on my children in this area. So the girls and I went through their books and donated MANY, they decided they were a little too old for Dora and Care Bears which makes me sad. At least we were able to cut way back and their shelves don't look as though they are going to fall due to weight. We also found a few extra backpacks in their closet in which we donated as well.

Day #17

The girls and I continued working on their closet and found some coats and a huge bag of trash to throw out. I don't know how they can store so much crap in their room, it is just absurd. I try to trust that they are cleaning their rooms when they say they are but I guess I need to go check more often.

Day #18

Today I sat in my room talking to the hubs while he cleaned out his dresser/closet and donated a huge bag of clothes. He also was able to clean out a bunch of junk that needed recycled or thrown away. So he made great progress and we were able to get rid of 2 more bags (well one was a box) today!

Day #19

Today was the day it took 2.5 hrs to clean my hardwood floors, so no bags today.

Day #20

Today I didn't make any progress on bags due to the fact that I had a full day at work, a dr. appt and Ky had a double dual for wrestling meaning we didn't get home til late. But because I am way head on the bag count I figured I could skip one day!

Day #21

Today I finally conquered the filing cabinet. I HATE paper, with a passion. I don't like dealing with all of the mail that comes on a daily basis, it sucks. I try to do it before I even come in the house but it doesn't always happen when you have a 2 yr old in one hand, a purse on the shoulder and grocery bags hanging everywhere. So paper piles up and is soon overtaking my desk, so in a rush to make the desk look descent I was throwing the extra papers in the back of the 1/2 empty filing cabinet drawer, yeah bad me. So the first picture shows what I pulled out and the next two pictures are what I able to recycle and give away. The smaller bag is just magazines that I will be once again donating to Lippy Lou's teacher. After getting that top drawer cleaned up I went through the remaining drawers and sorted them out too. It feels nice to have that organized as well!

40 in 40 total climbs to 29

And like I had guessed in the beginning it is getting harder and harder to find places to get bags from. I think tomorrow I shall tackle my yarn stash *cringe*


Mrs. Wright said...

Whoo hoo!! You're doing so well!

Rachel said...

Wow--inspiring post! Good for you!!!!