Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Well Hello My Friends

Wow, long time no blog. Lets just say life got busy and the ole blog got neglected. I have had tons of ideas for the blog that have been swirling around in my head and now is the time to just dive in and get started. So in the next few weeks expect to see some new happenings on my blog. I have been knitting up a storm, decluttering before our next military move and taking care of sick kiddos for the past few weeks. I have also been laid off so I now have a lot more time to do crafty stuff and keep my blog up to date.

The traveling monsters are coming to an end here soon but I hope to at least post a few pictures of the adventures of my twins in the next week so you can see where they have been and how much fun they had on their travels. I will also post about our visitors and their adventures with us.

I have recently been told I needed to go gluten free so I have started altering some recipes so that the entire family including myself can enjoy them, I hope to post at least one recipe a week that I have altered to fit my new gluten free lifestyle. I am going to call it Gluten Free Fridays and I hope those of you who are also gluten free will link up your favorite posts on the subject, so get your recipes ready!

Another thing I have been thinking about a lot lately are the tips and tricks my mom taught me before she passed. I hope to share one a week here with all of you so that you can benefit from her wisdom as well. This is so I can keep a record of them for my children as well. So be thinking of the tips and tricks your mom's, grandma's, aunts and friends have taught you.

Hope this blog post finds you all happy and healthy!

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