Monday, February 28, 2011

My Momma Said Monday's

The day after Christmas 2006 my world was rocked to it's core and changed forever. I got the call well before anyone else was awake in my house, my Momma, my best friend was gone from this earth. I think about her ALL. THE. TIME. Not a day goes by when I don't think of her at least once, remembering something we did together, talked about or shared. When I look at my hands as they type or craft, I see her's (I also see her wedding band that is remarkably similar to my own). When I sit at the sewing machine to sew, it is her machine, that still smells like her.

Lately I have been thinking about her a lot, probably not more often then before but something about these thoughts lately have made me want to get them down on paper. I am constantly remembering her advise about cooking, sewing, and just life in general and I want to remember these things forever. So I came up with the idea for My Momma Said Monday's. Each week I will share one of My Momma's tips with you my readers! She was full of amazing, yet simple advise. Not all of it will be earth shattering, some you may already know, but for me the combination of them all has helped me get through life!

I would also love for you all to share your tips from your momma, or grandma or aunts with your readers and link back here so we can all learn together!

This weeks tip:
How to keep celery from going bad!

I am terrible about buying vegetables only to let them go bad before using them, part of this is they get put in the wrong drawer or they are in the garage fridge (out of sight, out of mind). About 8 years ago my mom was up visiting us in Bremerton, WA and told me that all I had to do to keep celery crisp was to simply wrap it in tin foil before placing it in the fridge, that's it, easy peasy. I have done so ever since, of course except when I forget, or when the kids put it away. But seriously this WORKS and works well!

So what tips do you have to share? Please put my button on the bottom of your post if you chose to link up! I can't wait to read all the cool tips.

Mommie of 4 Munchkins

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