Friday, May 14, 2010

Breast Cancer 3-Day Training Log

Catching up...

Tuesday: Walked 3 miles in the am with The Fish and Bentley and surprisingly The Fish didn't cry the whole way after mile 1, it was amazing, he normally freaks out after 1 mile. I did an additional 2 miles picking the girls up from school as I walked to the post office before picking them up.

Wednesday: Repeated Tuesday morning doing 3 miles with The Fish and Bentley, it was a great morning that day as well.

Thursday: DAY OFF!

I plan on doing at least 5 miles on Today and I am going on a 6.8 mile training walk tomorrow with one of the Seattle teams. And then a slower paced 4 mile walk on Sunday, hoping to get the hubs to go with me.

This Weeks Total = 11.9
2010's total = 82.9 (so close to 100!!)

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