Saturday, May 8, 2010

la, la, la,, la, la, la Elmo's World....

Last night the hubs came home and handed me 4 tickets to see 1-2-3 Imagine with Elmo and Friends and I was soooooooo excited, no really I was. I had wanted to buy these tickets for The Fish so he could go see Elmo live and when the hubs got the FREE from work I was overjoyed to take him and his sisters to go and see the show! We had a GREAT time and I highly recommend this show for all your toddlers. Lippy Lou (almost 7) and Lynner (almost 10) said they liked it much more than they thought they would also, so it was all around a good time for all of us.

Since we were able to get in for free I did splurge and get an over priced ballon and a t-shirt for The Fish and some cotton candy and popcorn for all. Total spent for parking and fun stuff at the show $45 and worth every penny.


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