Sunday, July 11, 2010

4th of July Family Style

This year we decided that instead of making a huge deal out of the 4th of July we would hang out as a family have a nice barbecue dinner and for the first time ever do our own fireworks. I started out by making this incredibly cute cake by 17 and Baking. I used Tidymom's "The Perfect Cupcake" recipe for my cakes and they were so moist and delish!

Start with 3 cakes, 1 each Red, White and Blue.

I can't believe I forgot pics of the second step but you level the red and white layers and cut them in half and level the blue layer leaving it whole. Stack the first two layers of red and white on your plate filling with frosting ( I used canned ). Stack the remaining layers together and cut a circle out of the middle I used a small bowl to cut around. Once these are cut remove the blue outer ring and place it on top of the red and white layer and then take the two center red and white circles and place them in the center of the blue ring. Make sure to frost between all layers. Lippy Lou insisted that we use chocolate frosting, which turned out cute but I would have preferred buttercream myself!

Here is how our beauty turned out.

After dinner and cake we set off our fireworks and the kids had a blast!

Sparklers...Lippy Lou would have NOTHING to do with them so she isn't pictured.

I LOVE this picture of Lynner

(The Fish kept trying to blow them out)

Rare picture of Ky Guy

The Hubs ;)

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