Monday, July 19, 2010

Breast Cancer 3 Day Training Log

So again I am posting about my training or lack there of but at least I am putting it out there. I am sad that I am having major issues with dizziness and back pain but hopefully when I see the dr this week we can get it all straightened out.

Monday - ugh why am I still dizzy...
Tuesday - dizzy much?
Wednesday - the room gets foggy and I feel as tho I am going to pass out.
Thursday - still have the dizzies and back is starting to cause problems.
Friday - 10 miles with Mel
Saturday - Back is super sore and I had to pick the girls up from camp so no training walks for me.
Sunday - Back says no walking for you today.
Monday - Back says no walking for you again today and you should go see your dr.
Tuesday - Back issues and Dizziness, Dr. says do blood work and take it easy.
Wednesday - Still having major back issues and laying low.
Thursday - Hiked 5 miles with Lynner and Ky Guy at camp.
Friday - 3 miles with the girls and MIL at our campground.
Saturday - 2 miles with the MIL
Sunday - 2 miles with the MIL

Total for the past 2 weeks = 20 miles
2010's total = 247.65

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