Thursday, July 8, 2010

Breast Cancer 3 Day Training Log

The one in which I tell you how much I suck at training lately....

To bring you all back up to speed about 3 weeks ago I started feeling dizzy and couldn't get past the feeling that I was going to pass out. It started shortly after my last post when I walked 22 miles in 2 days. Here is how the past two weeks have gone, and as of now I am still feeling quite dizzy and lightheaded and am headed to my primary dr again next week.

Monday - Went to ER, they couldn't find anything wrong.
Tuesday - Went to DR, he thinks I am dehydrated tells me to drink it up.
Wednesday - Drinking it up (over 80 oz of sports drink)
Thursday - Drinking it up
Friday - Drinking it up and walked 2 miles
Saturday - Ran a 5K and fell and got hurt, but kept on going!
Sunday - Hobbled on a hurt ankle for 4 miles
Monday - Continued to hobble on hurt ankle around the house.
Tuesday - Dehydration recheck with dr told to take it easy on ankle.
Wednesday - Taking it easy.
Thursday - Taking it easy.
Friday - Walked 10 miles with Mel while feeling dizzy.
Saturday - Too dizzy to join the group for a 14 mile walk.
Sunday - Still dizzy but walked 4 miles on my own.

This 2 weeks - 22.1
2010's total - 227.65

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