Monday, April 13, 2009

And We Have Progress

I had a busy weekend with my rotary tool and am very happy with the progress I have made.  I cut out over 700 quilt squares and although I have a ton more to go I am almost ready to get started on sewing Fish's quilt and have high hopes that it will be done by his birthday at the end of May.  Then I can get started on Lippy's and hope to have it done by mid June for her birthday as well.  

and to continue with the progress theme, I got the laundry room clean and decluttered! YAY!  The Hubs is due home in just 8 short days and as I look around I send myself into a panic knowing that I only have 8 days to have this house spotless for him eeeek.  Clean or Craft, Clean or Craft...I ask myself this multiple times a day.  

1 comment:

Mrs. Wright said...

Clean for 15 minutes, craft for 45 ;)