Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rag Quilt...a year in the making.

So from time to time I get these grandiose ideas/projects.  I am a jump in both feet first kind of person so I start and then soon I realize that I have jumped into quicksand.  I do keep myself above the level of these sand but often times it takes weeks/months/years to get my feet back on solid ground.  So after many, many months I have finally completed the project above and I am very proud of it.  However there is still a second one that is all cut out and has yet to be sewn. 

Because I am a Navy wife, and a proud one at that, when my husband is called to duty so am I.  We have moved 3 times in the past 8 months, one of those times it was to my dad's for the summer (3 months) where I did not have the fabric, sewing machine, or the time to work on my quilts.  In August we moved to Rhode Island to join the Hubs and between unpacking, settling the kids in school and work I again had no time to sew, I was still struggling in the quick sand.  Again in February we moved to Washington where will be stationed for 18 months and now that we are finally mostly unpacked and back to semi normalcy I was FINALLY able to unearth the sewing machine and stand on solid ground.  So the goal is to keep it dusted off and to stay on solid ground and get the second quilt done before Lynner Binners birthday in August.  Today I cut out the Fish's quilt top and hope to have the middle layer done before I lay me down to sleep.  Progress...slow but steady progress....

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Mrs. Wright said...

I think you're doing awesome!! You'll know when I do mine because I'll be messaging you every two seconds with questions, lol.