Friday, April 17, 2009

Sandwiches, X's and Opinions Please

Lippy Lou and I sat together today and made 175 quilt sandwiches. It was great to sit with her and talk and not listen to her whine for hours on end. Fish was sleeping, Lynner Binner was next door and Ky Guy was playing video games so we got some much needed alone time. So we sat and stacked and talked for a good hour, but then it was time to pick up and eat dinner.

After Lippy Lou and Fish went to bed Lynner Binner and I sat and worked together on sewing the X's on the sandwiches that Lippy Lou and I had made earlier in the day. My goal was to have them all sewn by 11:30 PM and by golly I got done at 11:27 YAY ME.

So now I need your opinion and I really do want the truth. Please check out the pattern below and tell me if it needs fixin or if I am good to go. I am not sure I completely love it but I know I don't hate it either.

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