Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - Back to school edition!

I recently stumbled across we are THAT family and "works for me Wednesday" where people share tips and trick that work for them. With the new school year just around the corner (silently jumps for joy) I thought I would share a couple tips that work for us.

I am a work at home mom so I get up extra early before the sun and children rise to get a jump start on my day at work. When the alarms start going off I am well into my work day and have to continue working while the kids get ready for school. Each day an alarm goes off down in the kitchen to let us know that we have 10 mins left until we need to be out the door for school. The kids are then allowed it hit the "snooze" button so it will go off again when it is time to head out.

Another tip I find that helps our family out is that lunches are prepared the day before and placed in the fridge where the kids can just grab and go. One of the chore cards for each day is "make lunch". In order for each child to have what he/she likes in their own lunch I allow them to make it themselves with some basic rules for a healthy meal. It works great for our family!

Hope you have enjoyed my tips, check out more back to school themed tips here.

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