Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - Menu Planning

Each pay period I sit down and make a 15-16 day meal plan and make my grocery list. I think stick the menu plan up on the wall in the kitchen so we will know what we have available for meals for the next two weeks. I never ever set this meal plan in stone as I learned long ago sometimes we just aren't in the mood for what was written on the calendar for a particular night so we or I decide what is for dinner in the morning by picking from the list and get out the meat from the freezer or put the ingredients into the crock pot so that I will be prepared that evening.

Here is a sample of one of our menus

1. Meatballs and Rice w/salad
2. Beer Can Chicken, asparagus and potatoes
3. Steak with potatoes and broccoli
4. Pork tenderloin with mushroom peas and fruit
5. Spaghetti with corn and bread
6. Shepherds Pie
7. Chicken Pot Pie
8. Chicken parmesan
9. Chicken Alfredo with broccoli
10. Pizza (order out)
11. Tri tip with potatoes and squash
12. Left overs
13. Tacos
14. Roast with veggies
15. Chili
16. SOS (using left over roast)
17. Turkey wraps and fruit salad

Usually the list has one day on there that is dinner out and one or two days of leftovers so that we make sure to use things up! What do you do for meal planning????? Please share below.


Stephanie said...

I notice a big difference in how smoothly my days go if I plan my meals. I've been really bad about it this summer and am working to get back on track. I really like the idea of planning the meals...but not having the meals stuck to a particular night. Flexability is the name of the game for us. I think I will use this plan instead of what I had been doing. Thanks so much for the tip.

Pepple Family said...

My meal planning went out the window over the summer too and we ate terribly because of it! I couldn't survive the school year without it. Only I pick 15 recipes, double them and do a month at a time. I hate grocery shopping with 5 kids way too much to do it more than once a month :)

Lydia said...

I, like you do the 14-16 meals that I plan to eat in the next few weeks. This has really helped over the years. I think that it has also saved a ton of money as I am not going to get just one thing from the store and spending 50$ on things that we really didn't need.

alfrhnsby said...

ok...thanks your post