Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Works for Me Wednesday - Scheduling

As you can imagine as the mom of four I have TONS of appointments. Between 10 dental cleanings and 5 annual health check ups there are always the eye visits, sick kids, ortho, hair and 1 million other things that need to be scheduled. So how do I keep it all together you ask...

Yep that is right Ical! What a life saver. Typically when I am making an appointment of any kind I have my MacBook Pro in my lap or my iphone close by, because they sync with each other, all my appointments land in both places. This has saved me from missed appointments sooooooooo many times. Not only do I use it for scheduling appointments for myself and the kiddos it reminds me which night is trash night, which week is recycling week and when I have deadlines for work. I can't even begin to tell you how much I love this calendar!

Oh and why does it say Jul 17th you ask??? Apparently that is the say it was introduced to the public by Apple, I learned that today too, when I googled for an image!


Heather said...


Love that you schedule.. Good Tips.. Welcome to being a new peep..



Mama Kat said...

I have to write everything down too! Problem is I write everything down in different's not working for me. :)