Sunday, April 25, 2010

Sorry to prolong the wait...

I wasn't aware that stainable wood filler took so long to dry so we have to wait until tomorrow to reveal the project we have been working on. And sorry Mrs. Wright but it isn't one of Ana's headboards, although they are beautiful. Be on the look out for some fun projects to come.

Sorry I have been a little slow the past few weeks I spent 5 days in my hometown and while I was there I lost a family member to the big "C" word. I am still grieving the loss and trying to come to terms with the fact that my step father is gone. He was such a great man who would have done anything for my mother. He was her rock and her strength when she didn't have any left in her. If I ever become ill like my mother did I pray that my husband would treat me the way that he treated my momma. He was amazingly good to her and the definition of unconditional love. It saddens me that he had to fight a losing battle. His battle with cancer has only made me want walk those 60 miles in 3 days even more. Yes it is a walk for breast cancer and yes his cancer was in his bones, but once the cure for breast cancer is found it will only lead to the cure for ALL cancer. Sorry for the ramble I have a lot going on in my little brain these days.

Can't wait to get back in the crafty groove and show off all the projects I have running around in my head!

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Mrs. Wright said...

Sorry for your loss :( I'm excited to see what you're making though!