Sunday, April 11, 2010

Update on the Spud and Chloe Raffle for a Cure

Just a reminder that I am hosting a Spud and Chloe Yarn Raffle for a Cure. For each $15 donation you will be entered to win 5 skeins of Spud and Chloe sweater weight yarn. The person who donates the most will win 5 skeins of Spud and Chloe Outer. If there is a tie for the most amount donated I will draw a winner for that as well. So far there are only 13 entries so your chances of winning are very good! Each donation not only earns you a chance to win some awesome yarn but it also helps me raise money for a great cause! I will be walking 60 miles in October to raise awareness and funds to help find cure for Breast Cancer!!!

So hop on over to my Breast Cancer 3 Day page and donate for a cure and I will do the hard part.... the 60 mile walk.

Hint, hint...the top donation so far is $100.....

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Amy said...

HI Lindsay we met today at the park! My name is Amy and my email is msamymx5 at hotmail. I was admiring the hat you were knitting and enjoyed chatting with you! Best wishes on your Spud and Chloe raffle, and WOW 60 miles!? I hope you have good shoes LOL! Take care.