Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Post In Which I Win Mother of the Year.....

Because any mom who is willing to fill 100 water balloons all while knowing that it is going to take 10 mins for said water balloons to be popped and all over her backyard deserves an award. After we put water balloon fight on our Summer Bucket List the kids asked daily when they could cross this one off. I bought a water balloon kit at Target in the Dollar Spot about 3 weeks ago and that just seemed to fuel the fire! So Monday I decided that even though I wasn't feeling well I would bite the bullet and fill some balloons. In the end we had about 94 balloons in our bucket and they had a BLAST!

The one in which Ky Guy tags Lynner in the back.

The Hubs decided he needed to get in on the action!

I was the only one who successfully tagged Ky Guy, see that pink balloon on his back??


The kiddos in action.

Lippy Lou running from the splash.

The Fish wanted in on the action!

Thar he THROWS

A great time was had by all with only minimal whining by Lippy Lou which is par for course in this family. If it wasn't so hard to fill the balloons I would say this would be something we would do over and over and over. The kids had a BLAST!

What is on YOUR bucket list?

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