Sunday, June 6, 2010

Summer Bucket List

When going through my blog roll the other day I came across this post from Lori at Be Different Act Normal and I just knew our family had to do one. So tonight after dinner we sat at the table and came up with our summer bucket list and I am so excited to have fun things planned for us. I will be taking pictures as we do each thing on our Summer Bucket List and share them with you all summer long!

Go camping in Oregon.
Summer camp for big kids.
Backyard camping.
Roast marshmallows.
Visit a water park.
Visit a beach.
See Toy Story 3.
See Karate Kid 3.
Visit library once a week.
Go fishing as a family.
Go to the zoo.
Visit six new parks.
Visit a Wildlife Reserve.
Visit a Farm.
Visit Seattle Children's Museum.
Visit Museum of Flight.
Visit Space Needle in Seattle.
Have Papa visit.
Family family game night once a month.
Water balloon fight.
Make marshmallow guns for a marshmallow war.
Make sidewalk paint.
Make playdough.
Have a scavenger hunt.
Take a train ride.
Sleepover with Leslie
Go biking once a week.
Movie night every other week.
Do three science projects.
Repaint Ky's Dresser.
Finish furniture project.
Go Hiking.
Make a blanket fort and leave up for a week.
Teach girls to knit.
No TV once a week (kids wanted this ;) )
Fireworks on the 4th of July.
Cook freezer meals together.
Potty train The Fish (aka 3 yr old)
Stay in PJ's for the day.
Bake cookies.
Buy a slip and slide.
Mom goes camping with her bff.
Dad goes camping with his bff.


Kelly said...

WOW! Love your ambition :) And what's'll probably do everything on your list! You're an amazing mom!! xoxo

Pepple Family said...

Wow, you wont be sitting down all summer!

Anonymous said...

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