Thursday, June 17, 2010

Sugar and Salt Scrubs

Today was the last day of school so for Lippy Lou's wonderful teachers I made some sugar and salt scrubs. Some of my family members may recognize these as I gave them as gifts a couple of years back for Christmas. They are a great thing to have around and I actually made some more up for myself because I missed having it around. To start off I found these wonderful jars at Fred Meyer in the canning section and they are perfect!!

They are made by Ball and they are the Elite Platinum Collection and I just love their simple elegance.

For the salt scrub I used grape seed oil, sea salt, lime essential oil, lemon essential oil and sweet orange essential oil. I just filled the jar with salt and added oil until it looked just right, not too wet and not to dry. Then I added 10 drops of each essential oil and mixed it up really well in the jar.

The sugar scrub is even easier it is just Sugar in the Raw, grape seed oil and vanilla essential oil. Add sugar to jar and again add oil til it looks just right and then add 20 drops of essential oil and mix well.

Let me know if you try these out and like them. You can add all sorts of different essential oils to make different scrubs to your liking. I also made a cinnamon sugar one last night and it smells delish!! The teachers were thrilled to receive them this morning. Told them it was to help start their summer vacation on a relaxing note!! Lynner has male teachers so we got them each a treat from Starbucks, they enjoyed that as well!

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