Wednesday, February 17, 2010

40 Bags in 40 Days My Journey to Decraptify My House

Gillian over at Mrs. Wright Gone Wrong blogged about the 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge and even though I don't normally give anything up for the Lent I figured this was a great way to prepare my house for The Big Move of 2010. So today I begin the journey to de-clutter my house before we move to our new house in a location that has yet to be determined by the military. We should find out where we are going soon after this challenge ends, so it will be a great way to keep my mind off the wait as well.

Each day I will blog about my bag and take a picture, mostly to make sure that I actually fill one and get rid of it. Today I cleaned out the cabinet the TV in the family room sits on and I had to move to the end table in there to completely fill the bag. Not only is a bag full but the cabinet is also straightened up and dusted. So my guess is not only will this help me de-clutter but clean along the way.

Bag #1

As you can tell this was a small bag, the challenge states that you can use a bag in any size and I figured I will use all different size in this journey. Like this weekend when I hit the girls bedroom the bags may just be BLACK and LARGE! So are you up for the challenge????

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Jane said...

Oh my! I need to be inspired by you! LOL. My dh would probably say there are 50 bags of stuff we could get rid of. BTW, thanks so much for your comments about the Emmeline apron. Adding three inches would for sure help me. I will do that next time!