Sunday, February 21, 2010

40 in 40 update

Day #3

On day 3 we cleaned out The Fish's dresser and filled up an entire garbage bag with his clothes that no longer fit. I also gave away a hook on highchair that he hasn't needed for about a year to a family friend. It was great to go through his drawers so his siblings no longer bring down clothes that don't fit when I ask them to bring something down for him to wear. And luckily I always stock on when I find clearance so I was able to fill his drawers back up with stuff that fits.

Day #4

Day four the plan was just to do Lippy Lou's dresser but I was on a roll and did Lynner's dresser also. We were able to fill a garbage bag with donations and a second smaller bag with clothes that were too well loved to give away.

Day #5

Today I tackled Ky Guy's dresser and the poor thing was left with less than 3 drawers full by the time we were done. He has grown out of so many things that he was down to the bare minimum. So when I saw that Fred Meyer was having 70% off their clearance prices this week I took him shopping today to put some clothes in those drawers that he can actually wear. It was kinda sad bringing stuff back into the house when I am trying to decraptify but he so badly needed clothes that fit. Not to mention I saved about 3X what I actually spent. I got some killer $75 shoes for $20. Gotta love clearance.


Mrs. Wright said...

You're doing awesome Lins!!

Darling said...

You are doing so great! I did get one bag the first day....that counts right?