Thursday, February 11, 2010

Knit Puppets for The Fish

Recently we discovered The Fish's love of puppets. I was telling the Speech Therapist about this new found love and she was very excited. She told me about how puppets can help with language development and what a great tool they would be in his learning process. With this knowledge I set out to find some knitting patterns I could use to make him some puppets for Valentine's Day. I found the Froggy Bath Puppet and the Silly Snake Bath Puppet. Although they are intended for use in the bath tub I figured we could use them out of the bath. I also adapted the pattern to make a third one for the little cutie. I also have a few new designs swimming in my head that I may just publish in the near future.

Introducing Froggy

Introducing Wormy

Introducing Slithers

I can't wait to see how he likes them. They each took about an hour to knit up and turned about perfect. Lippy Lou was my gracious hand model, she thinks they will be fun to play with too!

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