Sunday, January 31, 2010

Grocery IQ Review

So yesterday I finally put my grocery shopping list on the Grocery IQ app on my iPhone to take shopping with me and now I am kicking myself for waiting so damn long. I have had it on my phone since the day I got it, almost a year ago, and on my iTouch before then. Silly me just never took the time to actually use it. Boy am I glad I did. It did take quite a bit of time to get the list entered yesterday and the hubs was making fun of me for taking longer to get ready to go to the store than it would take to actually do the shopping, but it was great once I got to the store. I also used the coupon options to print coupons to my wireless printer, no wireless printer?? No worries you can simply email them to yourself and print from your computer.

I used the scan option to put in a few groceries that we buy often and still had the packages for currently in the house, what a GREAT feature. It was quick and easy to use and found everything I scanned in the pantry. There were a couple of items that I had a hard time finding, like the Red Bell Pepper, I didn't realize that I had to go to Pepper and find the variety in the list. I was also a tad confused with the weight vs. package option as I thought I could put in 28 oz in weight, which is only in pounds, but there is an option to change the package size under canned, bagged and boxed items. Now that I know this it will be easier to change things next time I go shopping! And because I have no added a ton of stuff to my favorites, entering them in next time will be much faster, although I am hoping they soon add a "search" option to the favorites section.

I loved how I was able to make two separate lists, one for Costco and one for the Commissary (military grocery store). When I was unable to find something at Costco I was able to quickly move it from one list to the other, as I went to Costco first and then headed to the Commissary to finish up. I also loved the fact that as I checked things off my list they moved to the bottom of the page so I didn't have to scroll through them when seeing what else I needed to shop for.

All in all shopping with Grocery IQ rather than a paper an pen list was a great experience. I still need to learn how to move the aisles around to match my store, but I figured I would save that for my next shopping trip. Looking forward to using this program over and over and over again.

Thank you GROCERY IQ!!!!!! You can find it HERE for only 99 cents!!

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